Saturday, March 21, 2009

A night of Risk

Yesterday, I trekked down to Ma'adi with Cynthia where we met up with a Sudanese friend and ran some errands both in the parts of Ma'adi where expats seldom wander and in the parts where they wander too scantily clad, inviting the still-undeserved negative attention of young Egyptian men. We hung out at a coffee shop with Sudanese men who were not nearly as amused as Cynthia and I were by the cheesy Lebanese music videos blaring from a small television perched high up in one corner of the establishment and we shopped at a couple of grocery stories where I stocked up on the same things I always buy: coconut-flavor Lactel yogurt, Rich Bake baladi brown bread, frozen peas and carrots, Isis organic pasta, and pasta sauce.
Later in the evening, I had Phil and Cynthia over for "dinner" which consisted of my specialty-pasta with a side of peas and carrots. Who'd have guessed? Later on, we went back out to a toystore a block away. There we purchased Risk and Scrabble, though I doubt that Parker Brothers is making a dime off of the "special" version that we found ourselves playing.
Today, I made some headway in writing a reaction paper for my migration and development class. The topic is North African migration to the European Union. Speaking of the European Union, I will be spending the night there on the 1st of June. That is to say, I booked my return flights that will lead me homeward in two and a half months. I'll be back in Peoria somewhere in the second week of June and I hope to begin giving my Rotary speeches soon thereafter!

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The Half Breed said...

Hahaha! I totally have that version of Risk! Oh, I love it. :)