Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Mirth

Today was one of my most favorite days in Cairo. I was productive, getting work for law class done, paying my rent, mailing post cards, etc. and I had a full day after all of that. After getting koshary for lunch, Phil and I trekked out to City Stars where I stocked up at Spinney's and found a nice hoodie on sale at Benetton. A metro ride and then a cab ride got us there, and chatting with the Coptic Orthodox cab driver was really interesting. We talked about America and how he perceived it as a place where people of many religions peacefully coexist. He also talked about the sometimes-uneasy relationship between Egypt's Muslims and its Christians.
For dinner Cynthia and I joined our Norwegian friend, Benedicte, in Zamalek at a place called Crave. I was blown away by the service, the quality of the food, the ambience, and every other category of restaurant satisfaction you can think of. It was literally the best meal overall during my half year in Egypt.
Cynthia and I talked about the recent violence in Southern Sudan and how illogical it is that there are efforts to repatriate Sudanese now living in Cairo who originate in the area. There isn't sufficient stability to support an influx of refugees back home. She and Ben and I reveled in the fact that we'll all be in Cairo together next fall. I'm still really happy with the decision I've made to pursue my Master's here.

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