Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been shirking my writing duties again, my apologies. I spent the rest of St Patrick's Day in a decidely un-Irish fashion: eating sushi in Doqqi with Michelle, Marise, Phil, and Marise's mom. The place, called "Bob's Sushi", is tiny but suprisingly has a leg up on all of the sushi joints in Central Illinois. The quality is inversely proportionate to the size of the restaurant itself which only has two tables. I think they're primarily a delivery venture. The menu is uninentionally witty, offering "Pisces" of sushi rather than pieces. Clever, clever.
Following our repast, we had tea at Marise's. In French, Marise's mom and I discussed religion, French authors from Albert Camus to Victoire Hugo, existentialism, Egyptian history, and more while I snacked on a Turkish delight leftover from Moulid an-Nabi.
Yesterday, after law class, we went to an eventful seminar on the provision of psycho-social services to the refugee community. The presence of a disturbed man who claims to have been a lawyer, but is now disabled did more to hit home the bleak situation for refugees in Egypt than anything the panel described. Afterward, a bunch of us went to the Italian club (alas without Italians, finding ourselves subject to the 10 LE cover charge). I invited Ablavi, my neighbor, and her colleague from CEDEJ. Afterward, we strolled leisurely back through downtown to our building. Speaking of our building, in the process of trying to shorten the length of my contract, I received an email from my landlord telling me he would no longer be "in the business" as of the 1st of April and that his brother and a couple of female relatives would be handling things from then on. I'm not sure what that means or whether our good ol' landlord's in the country, but I think that overall, it's an excellent development.
I receive another email, this one from local Rotarians, inviting me to join a medical caravan to aid people with limited access to medical care here in Cairo. I'll be doing that on the 27th if all goes as planned.

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The Half Breed said...

Mmm, sushi in Cairo? I've done apple pie in Jeddah (not very good) and tacos in Kenya. But...I like that oxymoron the best. :) We live in a global world!