Thursday, March 5, 2009

I had law class yesterday during which we discussed the International Criminal Court's issuing an arrest warrant for Omar al-Bashir, the president of Sudan. He was just in Cairo a week ago, but now, in theory, every time he sets foot outside of Sudan, he risks arrest. In retaliation, he expelled ten aid agencies working in Darfur. More suffering for the Sudanese simply because he aims to conflate NGOs and colonialists and intergovernmental organizations.
After class, Marise, Mallory, Michelle, and I grabbed dinner at Estoril, a Lebanese place downtown before heading to Mohandeseen where we were looking to avail ourselves of the sales at Benetton. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it right away and after several phone calls and passing such stores as "Naïve: Accesories for Ever", "Wild", "Tommy XXL", and the stores where "brand names" mysteriously cost 7 and 9 Egyptian pounds respectively, we arrived at a darkened three-level Benetton only to find it had just closed. Instead we went to a drive-in juice place on the way back downtown. I had delicious sobia and that was that.

News and links:
Details on the charges against and the arrest warrant for al-Bashir
Egypt calls for suspesion of arrest warrant
Iran says will press Interpol to help it arrest Israelis for alleged war crimes in Gaza
Somali pirates free Egyptian ship held for two months

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