Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Much of Note

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I did a little reading, bought some stamps, picked up a few course packets, went to class, and came home and made dinner which I shared with the lovely French girl across the hall. Before and after this dinner, Catherine, Melissa (la française), and I had rousing discussions about foreign policy and politics. Catherine is a McCain supporter and I, as may be gleaned from earlier entries, am in the other camp. We're both hoping to catch the debate later on.
Melissa, Camilla (Catherine's third flatmate), and I were going to order groceries but to do that, one must have a functional landline. Lo and behold, Greasy Landlord neglected to pay the phone bill which, combined with carpentry work that's needed done for three weeks, makes me want to neglect to pay the rent. Some days I still feel like jumping ship and moving to Zamalek.
Anyway, here's some news for those who're interested:

More Muslim-Christian violence, this time in the other direction
Egypt makes half-hearted attempt to address sexual harassment turned violent over Eid

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