Sunday, October 26, 2008

Clapping at the Koshary Joint and Ordering from Otlob

I spent my morning and early afternoon reading (surprise, surprise) but took a break to go to Zaaim for some koshary. My "friend" was there and, as usually he kissed his hand before shaking mine and grinned widely. Today there was music of the most generic Arab persuasion blaring from unseen speakers and the employees were in even more jovial spirits than usual. Grumpy from reading, I was physically made to clap along to the music and then dance to the amusement of everyone (including myself). I left with a 5 LE container of koshary (they put extra lentils and fried onions on to be nice) and a smile on my face.
On the way to Refugee Law, I passed a creative display at El-Shabrawi of a cucumber cut to look like a crocodile chowing down on fries. It reminded me of a photo I took in Paris of a bakery that had crocodile-shaped bread. Class itself wasn't too bad; a discussion of the exercises we were assigned to prepare us for the mid-term, which is next week. We were given a description of the circumstances of various people and asked to determine whether or not they fit the legal definition of a refugee.
I can't believe we're already halfway through the semester. I'll be home for a nearly three weeks in less than two months and then in France! Hopefully following that I'll be able to explore the Middle East a bit before starting back to school.
After class, I trudged home grumpy at the realization that I had very few ingredients to make dinner with. Happily, I ended up hanging out across the hall with Mélissa and Catherine and, while there, perhaps emboldened by my ordering cheesecake last night, I used for the first time and had Lebanese food delivered: some taboula, musabaha, falafel with tahina, and bread ran me the equivalent of about $9 including the delivery charge, tax, and tip. It's pretty reasonable, considering I have enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
I was reading the news early (as is my obsessive habit) and noted with concern that the US carried out strikes in Syria. I hope this is an isolated incident and that this will not further escalate conflict in the Middle East. Closer to home, I was reading about the selection process of whom to replace Obama with in the Senate should he be elected president. It's a shame that our terrible governor has the choice left up to him.

Another blow to freedom of the media in Egypt
Egypt has lowest human fatality rate of nations affected by avian flu
Female marriage registrar marries first couple
Egypt detains more migrants, but at least no fatalities this time

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