Sunday, October 19, 2008

No News is Good News

Not much to report today, which leaves me wondering why I persist in sharing with you the banalities of my life here in Egypt. I shall continue nevertheless, for posterity, let's say. I was productive again this morning, doing dishes, laundry, and even push-ups. Ha! I collapsed after a number I'm too embarrassed to disclose. I also tried to narrow down my topics for class, but I think I have a little ways to go yet. Working on my application to the Arabic program, I wondered again what I should be doing next year, but remembered anew some of the reasons I'd been drawn to the Middle East.
Today, Law dealt with questions of extradition to countries with the death penalty of persons who might face it but are within the jurisdiction of countries that outlaw capital punishment as well as the African Union's expanded definition of refugees.
Following class, I headed home to whip noodles, pasta sauces, and frozen veggies into something resembling dinner and have taken a break to write up today's (terribly uninspiring I'm afraid) entry. I'll call again for questions if anyone has them about Egypt or the Arab or Islamic worlds or refugees or anything else. I'd be happy to answer them. You can email me or post comments directly on the blog.

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