Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fridge on the Fritz

While I'd grown used to my living room air conditioning unit sounding like a tugboat when the weather was warmer and we we obliged to make use of it, a new and ungodly sound has begun to plague my apartment. No, it's not the honking, or the rooster, or the call to prayer, or the construction going on a couple floors below, or the bikya man, or the incessant doorbell ringing of various people looking for money, it's my poor forlorn refrigerator sounding like a primary school fire drill. It has broken down and the freezer, defrosted. All of my perishables are perishing as we speak and my landlord will, he says, do something about it, but timeliness is ever an issue in Egypt. Unfortunately, my neighbors across the hall are absent and therefore, it's only a matter of time before my coconut yogurt and imported South African juices take a turn for the worst.
If I sound dramatic, it's probably from fatigue. I went to bed early last night, but couldn't fall asleep. I therefore arose and came back to my laptop to chat with friends from home, something I think I needed. I also downloaded Ingmar Bergmann's The Seventh Seal, which I've been hoping to watch for a long time.
Prior to my insomnia, I'd been in Zamalek with my new freelance journalist friend I've mentioned before. An Egyptian-British friend of his and another acquaintance of mine from Indiana and I all met up for Korean food at Hana. It was an enjoyable evening and the food wasn't bad. I've had more Korean in Egypt in the last two months than I have in the States in the last two years.
Now, alas, I must return to my reflection paper which is almost complete. I am trying not to mourn my juice and dairy just yet, hoping someone will return home across the hall in time for me to put my stuff in their fridge and freezer.

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