Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Khan, Law, and Lebanese

I spent yesterday at Khan al-Khalili with Alia who was one of my closest friends at boarding school and with whom I traveled to Egypt for the first time four years ago. It was a great reunion and we had a lot of fun bargaining and taking pictures and getting snacks at the Naguib Mahfouz Café. I actually didn't purchase anything, I had no need, but try conveying that to the folks at the Khan–"I have everything you need in my shop and I don't even know what you need!" was one line. Another asked specifically what I needed and when I told him nothing he told me that he had "all kinds of nothing for sale". I changed my approached and answered the next person who asked what I was looking for by saying, "a job". They laughed, I laughed, and they quit trying to sell me scarves–all was well.
Most of today was occupied by reading and Comparative Migration Law, my favorite class. We discussed the history of restrictions on and the exclusion of migrants and Mike told us more about a possible opportunity for some of us to travel with London and collaborate with students from Georgetown and elsewhere on a migration law project. Seems like a great opportunity. I'm going to apply, but the project isn't funded for sure and only four slots are available (out of a class of twenty), so we'll see.
Tonight some classmates and I got Lebanese at a place in Mohandaseen called Cedars. Spinach pie, halloumi cheese, lentil soup, tomayya, and more: delicious. Time to get to reading for my pscyhosocial class though.

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