Monday, February 23, 2009

Cairene Rain

Today it's raining out. This is only the second or third time such a thing has happened since I've been here. Apparently, people were even pulling over to the sides of the road to let the light shower subside.

I haven't ventured out much today, preferring to work on fellowship applications and reaction papers from the comfort of my own apartment. It wasn't the violence that happened yesterday that kept me inside in and of itself, but when I did go out, I felt warier than usual. It's so tragic that the murderous ignorance of a single person or a group of people can result in the arbitrary death of another human being. No ideology or personal grievance is worth more than than the life of any individual.

I mentioned a documentary in my last entry. Please check out the clip below if you have time. Maquilapolis is about the women who work in maquiladoras just inside the Mexican border, the exploitation they face, and how they go about seeking justice.

Al-Jazeera report on market bomb (video clip)
Sudan's Bashir leaves Cairo today after talks with Mubarak; arrest warrant still in question
Cairo University students protest Interior Ministry security presence on campuses
Egypt takes small step in direction of religious freedom

Note: The whereabouts of imprisoned Palestine activist and blogger Diaa Gad are still unknown. For more information check out Amnesty International's article and the appeal for action at Prisoners for Gaza blog.

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