Sunday, February 22, 2009

Explosion at the Khan

I'd intended to talk about a documentary I saw at the New Campus today, my program-switching, and the English class I taught tonight in Hay al-Asher, but I'm sure the majority of the readership will be more concerned upon hearing news that there was a fatal explosion in Cairo tonight. Everyone I know here in Cairo is safe and sound. Grenades were thrown into a crowd outside a café at the Khan al-Khalili and at least one French tourist was killed. The Khan is where I did my Christmas shopping and where I was the week before last with my friend Alia. It's obviously more than a little unsettling, but I'm sure the security presence has been beefed up.

News reports on the explosion:
from Huffington Post
from Le Monde (in French)
from Euronews


The Half Breed said...

I heard about the attack right after it happened. I'm so sorry to hear about it.

Just wanted to drop a line and say I admire your blog. I will be following it now. If you're interested, I recently started up a blog myself, based on my experiences in Saudi Arabia. I am looking to network, so please check it out! Talk to you later,

-Sarah (theHalfBreed)

Anonymous said...

Remember, Safety First. Keep close contact with your sponsors and school. Your blog is a great way to relieve the worries of the people here.

What an experience. Prayers to you and your friends and the innocents of Cairo.

Denise, MN Mom