Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Day in Cairo

Today was my first day of Migration and Development. I met both the regular professor and a anthropology/human rights/gender studies professor who will be teaching next weeks class on human rights. It seems as those it'll be a useful course and, even better, I now essentially have a four-day weekend. I have class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Before you get too jealous, I'm volunteering and reading and writing for these classes on those other days. After class, I went out with some classmates for Moroccan food in a restaurant on one of the Zamalek riverboats on the Nile. We discussed last week's comparative migration law class since one among our ranks had missed. Beyond that, there's nothing particularly exceptional to mention, so I'll cut straight to the news.

Muslim Brotherhood condemns bomb attack
Hizbullah condemns bomb attack
"The fixer in the shadows..." from The Daily Telegraph

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