Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday: Voting and Loving Law Class

On my way to International Refugee Law today, I stopped by the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies office and collected my absentee ballot. I gleefully tore into the envelope to see what candidates are running for which offices, though, being a well-informed voter, I recognized the majority. Apart from the presidential race, I haven't quite decided who my candidates are. I'll do a bit of research before sending the ballot back to the States. I do wish Aaron Schock and Colleen Callahan had a bit more about their views online. I also think Aaron Schock should appoint me his foreign policy adviser. Aaron?
Class today was really interesting and I feel like it's all clicking. I really like the case studies and articles we read and, crise cardiaque, the following thought actually crossed my mind today, "Why are we stuck having measly two-hour classes during Ramadan, aren't they supposed to be two and a half?" Yes, folks, he who was all too often guilty of Facebooking in class during his undergraduate studies is craving longer class periods. Well, in this class alone; the other two, so far, I could take or leave. This leaves me wondering about my future plans. Thoughts about whether or not to expand my post-graduate diploma into a Master's here in Egypt, check into attending law school in the States, or looking for some work experience in Europe or a large American city joined in with the infamous rooster in keeping me awake.
Well, I better get to writing a reflection paper for my Migration in the Middle East and North Africa class!

News of Egypt and beyond:
Egyptian government condemns terrorist attack in Islamabad, Pakistan
A boat headed for Greece with 83 would-be illegal immigrants on board has disappeared
The film I commented on in an earlier entry is causing controversy in the States and abroad
Would-be Israeli terrorist at center of 1950s bomb plots against Western interests in Egypt dead at 89

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