Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lazy Day

I managed to get my reading done for Refugee Law, but I don't recall what else became of the last ten hours that I've been puttering around the apartment. I did dash outside wearing a Swiss flag shirt to drop some postcards in a postbox just down the street. I couldn't help but wonder if wearing a bright red shirt with a large white cross in the middle was something of a statement in the (ever-transfixed) Egyptian eyes that were on me as I ran my errand. Then again, those eyes are always on me. People aren't exactly discreet with their staring here.
Oh! And I also made dinner. It was a variation on the most recent homemade dinner's theme: veggies, lentils, tomato sauce, and pasta. It was, if I do say so myself, quite delicious. With a bit of sea salt and ground black pepper it would've been fit for serving normal people.
I managed to watching the entire debate last night on Al-Jazeera English. The whole thing seemed to be a lot of bluster and very little substance. Due to my current whereabouts, I was interested on the candidates' positions on the Middle East and I fear that John McCain's approach would further isolate our country and alienate potential partners for peace and cooperation. Obama's responses seemed measured and calm, though he's naturally a better public speaker (which is why I think a lot of people are unthinkingly entranced by him). McCain's blood seems always to be on the verge of boiling, like something rash and offensive is waiting to burst from his mouth. His smarmy, patronizing demeanor didn't help lighten the ink filling the box next to Obama's name on my absentee ballot, that's for certain. Anyway, pardon my opinion and allow me to reiterate that this is my blog alone and the opinions contained herein in no way represent those of Rotary, a non-partisan, non-sectarian service organization. ;) And for that very reason, I'll continue on just a bit more to say that I'm highly disappointed that I didn't receive a response from the Schock campaign to an email inquiry I made hoping to clarify the candidates positions on a number of issues.
Anyway, ostensibly this blog is meant to be about Egypt, so here's some news:

Faulty wiring again blamed as more of Cairo up in flames (not so very far from where I live, but far enough that I only know about it from the news online)
Sexual harrassment, Egypt's ever-present and glaringly obvious social ill
The blog entry of a friend who's experienced and observed such harrassment herself-she highlights clearly AUC's woeful negligence in helping young women deal with this issue and, in fact, claims the university actually places them in vulnerable positions
Somali pirates free Egyptian ship and crew
Egyptian prisoners being allowed to order in, kebab and pizza being the most popular choices
Media and morality in the Middle East

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