Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ramadan Kareem!

It's after 3 in the morning here in Cairo and I've just returned from suhour finally having seen why Muslims actually enjoy Ramadan. Kasr el-Nile RC's president, Laila, picked me up and drove me out to 6th of October City, technically in Giza, but a suburb of Cairo. Along the way, we chatted in English and in French (Laila studied in a French school) about her Rotary club, their service projects, her family, my time so far in Egypt, etc. She told me to think of my host club as my host family and not to hesitate to contact her should I need anything. That's such a reassuring feeling in a foreign country, let me tell you!
Our destination was one of the Rotarians' house in a compound-like neighborhood called "Beverly Hills". Unlike my shabby apartment downtown, this house was tastefully decorated, had a well-groomed lawn (in the desert, no less), and gracious hosts. I met Rotarians from various backgrounds: Vodafone management, a leadership training professional, a teacher, a professor, an investment banker, the CEO of an investment start-up, etc. The one thing they all had in common besides an elevated social status was a typically Egyptian effervescence and sociability.
Because it's so late and I'm quite tired, and because the evening/early morning deserves a fully entry, I'll take up the cause tomorrow after attempting to submit documents for my student visa.

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