Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reading by Day, Suhour by Night

I've spent most of the day reading for my International Refugee Law class, though I ventured out to the copy shop near get more to read for a different class. Another chunk of the day was lost to switching apartments. We're now across the hall from our old place. It's something of an upgrade, save for the fluorescent lights that make the kitchen look like an operating room and numerous deficiencies in the bathroom.
Anyway, just after chowing down on a mediocre sandwich from Costa Coffee (one of those European/American-style cafés that serve food at reasonable hours during Ramadan) I received a phone call from the president of my host Rotary club. I am invited to suhur at the home of one of the members (at least I think so, I couldn't hear Laila very well over the phone in the noisy café). I'm quite excited to get out of my apartment and go somewhere, but I wish I'd have known about a half an hour earlier so as to avoided filling myself with carbs and cheese. Ma'alish! Should be fun.
I should probably to try and make it look like I haven't been studying and moving all day, but then again, they've been fasting all day, so I probably don't have it so bad.

News of Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East & North Africa:
Egyptian police kill another Sudanese migrant trying to cross into Israel
Death toll rises in Cairene district devasted by a rockslide
Egypt making progress in market reform
A Moroccan blogger was imprisoned after criticizing the king of Morocco

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