Saturday, October 17, 2009

A short entry is on order, as I don't plan to regale you of the tales of remaining all yesterday in my apartment. Suffice it to say I was very productive. I wrote several more pages of my thesis and caught up on class reading. Today will be more of the same, but I've resolved to leave. Mostly because a bag of muesli I purchased from the Alfa Market in Doqqi is crawling with tiny creatures that are begging to be returned. More shocking than that is the fact that I, with a bowlful on my lap, first ate the frozen yogurt I'd dumped on top while staring, nonplussed, at the occasional elongated beetle-like thing that struggled to escape the weight of a raisin or a dried banana chip before voiding the contents of the bowl into the garbage. This has not been a good food week. After botching an order of sushi, Bob Sushi sent us a replacement order in which, as we prepared to consume, we discovered a worm. My reaction was mild and we simply shut the lid on maki roll menagerie and called the restaurant. They refused to accept responsibility or do anything about it and in so doing lost our future business.
Food fiascoes and a new crop of exceptionally speedy mosquitoes (one of which feasted on my carotid last night) have alleviated some of my ambivalence about departing Egypt for good in a couple of months. Some, but not all. Egypt and its bugs have become a part of me.

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