Friday, May 29, 2009

  As the call to prayer issues from Cairo's minarets, I lay here, scrambling to fire off emails to tie up loose ends, looking around me to size up how big of a job packing everything up will be this weekend.  I can't believe my Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship period is drawing to a close already.
  Yesterday as I relaxed on the beach in Alexandria (a much needed daytrip), I began to think of the lessons I've learned and what sorts of things I hope to talk about in my speeches.  Despite my acute displeasure with my situation in Egypt right now, overall I am so thankful for this experience.  I have learned a great deal and am sure I have a great deal more still to learn when I return.  
  I saw my friend Quin off this morning.  We were both tired, as I'm sure Marise and her brother Pierre were after we bargained at the Khan, hung out at Al-Fishawi Café, and took a calming late night felucca ride.  It's sad to think that Marise and Pierre will likely be out of Egypt by the time I get back, but given my penchant for globe-trotting to keep in touch, I'm sure we'll meet again.


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