Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm snacking on some frozen peas while taking a break from a reaction paper for Comparative Migration Law that I began yesterday in the courtyard of the Greek Campus. My friend Cynthia, who shares my affinity for frozen peas, joined me there to get some work done and to walk her turtle, a recent gift from some of the Sudanese guys she works with. As the sun and its warmth began to wane, we left AUC with the intention to reconvene later.
We met up with Antoine and took the metro to Ma'adi where we met Phil, Marise, Marise's mom, and Marise's friend Sean who's visiting her for a few weeks. We ate at Lucille's perhaps not the most representative choice of the kind of food Egypt has to offer, but Sean graciously indulged our desire to have faux-Mexican and American food. Antoine, who's never been to North America, was unacquainted theretofore unacquainted with the delights of nachos and so stole some of Cynthia's while enjoying a barbecue burger. Because Marise's mom graciously treated the whole table to our meals, a contingent of us continued on to Zamalek to have chocolate fondant.
Today has included more academic reading and paper-writing, although I joined Ross at his window for the first spotting of the sleep-disrupting rooster of doom who apparently stalks the area hemmed in by our building and those adjacent. I include, for your Where's Waldo?-esque pleasure, a photo of the crowing fiend amid the piles of trash and debris which, depressingly surround makeshift homes and crumbling smaller apartment buildings. My backyard, as it were, is not exactly enviable.I've just finished reading an article in The Christian Science Monitor that my friend Reham posted to Facebook. It talks about terms "not to use" with Muslim. While I find the article interesting, and certainly feel that there are ways to engage people from outside one's own faith or belief system that work and others that don't, I think it would've been much better for a Muslim to write up such an article.

A mob in a village in southern Egypt set fire to homes belong to Bahá'ís
To read more about the situation of Egyptian Bahá'ís, click here. For a joint press release responding to the incident from the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the Arab Network for Human Rights Information, and others, click here.
Palestinian unity talks in Cairo founder
Criticism over Al-Masry Al-Youm's "shoddy journalism" after paper publishes article suggesting that AUC was providing Egyptian state secrets to US

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