Monday, April 20, 2009

Carl (Back) in Cairo

  In my old perch on the couch with my laptop, typing feels funny and only now am I beginning to fully realize how marvelous being away from the internet for eleven days is.  Tunisia was absolutely fantastic.  If anyone for any reason wants to visit North Africa, Tunisia's the calmest, cleanest, most pleasant bit of it.  
  To be honest, I was dreading heading back here to Egypt, but as the plane was making its final descent into Cairo, I felt a twinge of relief that I'd be heading "home" to my shabby digs on Tahrir Street.  We left rainy weather behind in Tunis and I was delighted to find that Cairo has not yet become an oven.  The evening ride with the warm breeze was a nice start to easing back ino things.
  I journaled every day while I was on Spring Break, but I won't bore you with every detail.  A quick summary: we roadtripped over fifteen hundred miles around Tunisia hitting every region the Lonely Planet guide breaks the country into.  We saw everything from snow to sand, visiting the sea, the mountains, the desert, and the plains.  We got stuck in the mud and made friends with local who helped tow us out with two Caterpillar tractors (Peoria pride!) and got a flat tire and made more friends who had rather particular opinions of Egypt and of George Bush.  When we weren't hiking or touring historic sites or sampling local cuisine, we were sunning on the beach or getting lost in the car or on foot or shooting the breeze in cafés.  I used our several days on the beaches to work on a modest tan and finished reading Salinger's Franny and Zooey, which I liked a lot.
  Tomorrow it's back to school, but for now, it's wading into the veritable sea of emails and finishing up some school work I put off.


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