Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An addendum from class

I'm in class, but I wanted to briefly post something that seemed kind of metaphorical for the my ups and downs and final settling in here in Cairo: I grabbed ful and ta3mayya on the way to class and arrived on campus early. I grabbed a seat in the empty class room and began to munch on my Egyptian street fare. After a little while, the AV guy who sets up the laptop and projector for the professor came in and began to do his thing. I kept lunching until the AV guy produced from his bag an envelope and asked me if I knew a Carl and added my last name as well.
"Um, that's me," I said. He then handed me the notorious envelope from my mom and little brother with photos and notes that I had thought lost to the void. It was funny that it should happen on my last full day in Cairo of the year and that I should have been the only one in the room at the time.
T-12 hours until I take off for Amsterdam, leaving the wonderfully temperate winter weather of Egypt for colder climes.

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Nicole Hanson said...

Oh that is so wonderful! Hooray!