Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 Paper + 2 Pages Done (Out of 20) + 3 Days Left + 4 Mosquitoes = 10 Neuroses

For the peace of mind of those who check my blog daily or weekly who may worry if I don't post something, rest assured I'm still alive. I am sitting in front of a computer screen, my eyes ready to pop out of my head, trying to create something cogent and convincing out of a sea of source chaos. Next to me is my tattered copy of Human Rights Watch's report on risks facing migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Israel and Egypt that served as an impromptu tool of execution for three mosquitoes now. One is left buzzing around and fled down the darkened hallway toward my room. If I get another bite on the bottom of my foot, I may start bathing in DEET.
Today I had my last Intro to MRS class and, as if to make it as painful a finale as possible, the professor kept us a full thirty-five minutes over. Since then I've consumed ful, ta3mayya, and koshary, and read through pages and pages of source material hoping to glean something useful for this paper. I was going to do some Christmas shopping at the Khan, but that's not going to happen until I make some serious headway. To add to my stress, I receive my take-home law final tomorrow. Joy!
Anyway, in a handful of days I'll be home and free of my graduate school stressors. Hopefully I'll have lots of happy reflections on Egypt and shiny, happy thoughts to share. In the meantime expect half-crazed word-processing with bouts of mosquito-murdering rampaging and little else.

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