Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Carl in Kosovo

I've had the burning desire to start blogging again as my travels to Madagascar, France and Belgium, and the Balkans (including dynamic and vibrant Kosovo) leave me with much to marvel at and to meditate on. Alas, I'm not sure the rather specialized Carl in Cairo's the spot. I'll link all two and a half of my readers (hi, mom!) to any new blog I find the time and energy to create.

In the meantime, I really miss Egypt. Depending on which of my posts you've read here, that may be entirely expected or supremely shocking. I realize, though, that I grew use to it. I had my favorite haunts and my favorite people and I'm really missing them lately. I could go for some Yemeni food followed by an evening at the Habib residence in Doqqi and maybe a festive evening at Annie and Kelsy's. And, I know I'm a nerd, but I'd love to sit in on the classes this semester that I'd have taken would I have stuck around--classes on the securitization of migration taught by Agnes Czajka and on gender and migration, co-taught by Ray Jureidini and Martina Rieker. Alas. Instead, I am in Peoria with visions of traveling fresh in my head.

And next? A job! I've begun applying, but will do so more in earnest, probably in proportion to how acutely I feel the cornfields closing in on me here. As for now, I'm already enjoying the warmth of home and the promise of family, fun, and friends.

For old time's sake...

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