Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mr Clean

Admittedly, my standards for what's "clean" in Cairo differ from those I have back home, but today I decided to "clean" my apartment, at least in part. Cleaning the bathroom with my array of sponges, paper towels, and rags and some aerosol disenfectant was like using tooth whitener–things were at least five shades whiter when I was done. I discovered that the window was, in fact, translucent. As a matter of pride, I cleaned our front door which had been theretofore caked with dust so thick you could probably slice it and remove it in segments. I feel like such a responsible adult with my cleaning supplies. If any of you know how I keep my bedrooms, you'll be thoroughly impressed at my taking the initiative.
Prior to this cleaning binge, Ross and I took Tyler (the Bradley student) to get street food and then juice. I had sobia mixed with doum juice. Doum is the fruit of the doum palm or "gingerbread tree". It sounds tastier than it really was, but the sobia redeemed it.
Other than that, I've been reading for class. If you're interested in migration law, click here to read what I'm reading. I'm excited for the course because, if I recall correctly from the preview the professor gave last semester, we have to synthesize our own migration law as a group project. Should be interesting if nothing else.

Egypt claims it will begin monitoring Gaza tunnels
Aid trucks stuck on Egyptian side of border with Palestine
Rafah's economy depends on Gaza tunnel traffic

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