Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Tabascos

After class last night, I grabbed a cab to Zamalek with classmates Erin and Brandy since they lived near Café Tabasco where I thought I was meeting my Egyptian-British friend Rania for her birthday. Little did I know, I was meant to be at the Tabasco in Mohandaseen. Oops. No harm, no foul--I jumped in another cab, had my friend give the cabbie directions telephonically, and was there a little while later. Over decent gnocchi (creatively spelled gnyocke on the menu) and Greek salad, I got to chat with my friend Crysta and get to know some of Rania's other friends. After dinner, Rania, a few of her Egyptian friends, and a German traveler staying with one of them, and I hung out first at an apartment in Doqqi, then at a bar downtown called After Eight where we were regaled with Arabic music and where Rania met a famous actor (who I didn't know from Adam, of course).
Today I am coaxing myself into doing research on Somalis in Minnesota to be able to move my Migration in MENA paper along a bit. Tonight is the film Notre Musique and some pizza from Maison Thomas. A good combination, no doubt.
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